Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl

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Project Description


Rosemary is considered a color expressionist, primarily a sculptural oil palette knife painter, she continues to explore a variety of mediums to share her travels and curiosity. Color and texture play the most important roles in Rosemary’s paintings. Expressions of her passion and energy are evident on the canvas. An ardent traveler, her journeys influence and feed that passion.


When I was young, I would build furniture out of fruit crates, fashion jewelry out of old & sewed many of my own clothes. Sketching in charcoal taught me about shapes & values, sewing, about color and texture.

In 2006, after 25 years in the corporate world, I undertook learning to paint in oil with a palette knife. My mentor for 2 years was Francoir Arenas. She taught me color theory, composition, value and a new way of looking at the world. Life changed that year. I retired from 10 years of teaching at Richland College in 2015 to paint full time.

The ocean, my world travels, gardens, music and curiosity all fuel my creative juices.

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