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Victoria McOmie grew up in the San Juan Islands of Washington and was exposed to art in school, at home and to a lesser degree in the local community. Being an artist seemed just as much a possibility as any other occupation. At Lewis and Clark College, She double majored in art and English. She wrote in her journal at the time, “I should do something more practical than art but everything else gets boring”. In college she never took a painting class because she couldn’t afford paint so instead focused on drawing. She also took a lot of art history courses and looking at art is as important to her as making art.
In her 30’s and 40’s, she was occupied with a curiosity of what she could make with her hands. She discovered that it wasn’t money. However she kept at it living in Southern Oregon for many years and worked in installation art, ceramics and drawing. Most of these activities required a lot of hands on problem solving with fabrication issues. It was challenging and frustrating because more time was spent with technical issues than actually in making spontaneous images from a deeply creative source within her. Eventually I made a big change to focus on painting as being fascinated with materials became less a motivator than an inward exploration to discover greater understandings of herself and the environment. She strives to surprise herself with colors and images that lead to fresh insights. She trys to not have any expectation of outcome when starting a new picture and goes with the feeling from within. The mystery or as the word itself implies “my own story,” was what she is most curious about discovering. Paint fortunately has been in use and developed for hundreds of years so that today artists have more colors and quality paints readily available than ever before. It’s easy to use and made it easy for herb to jump into it wholeheartedly.
Process is an important part of McOmies work. She first builds up layers of paint and then uses techniques of removing paint to such a point that she feel like an archeologist at a dig somewhere out in a remote desert. This is appropriate at a time in her life where it becomes more important to remove old beliefs, behaviors and collective cultural attitudes to get back to her own true nature.
In the same years that she started to paint, she also came to be interested in the I’ Ching and the Tao de Ching and this has allowed her to feel powerfully the universal forces in creative living. Painting has a unique ability to expand awareness and the finished painting is almost like looking into a crystal ball. The viewer can be the fortune teller just as much as the artist.

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