Welcome to the Edge

ART on the EDGE is a self-guided tour of the studio spaces of well known, coastal visual artists, with about 70 artists, an estimated 30 studios, and a huge variety of mediums represented and ranging in location from Neskowin to Newport and east to Toledo, Oregon. These artists will show off their exclusive locations, demonstrate their creative processes and sell their work.

Studio Tour of the Central Oregon Coast

A unique, self-guided tour of the studio spaces of well-known, coastal visual artists for the weekend of June 28, 29, 30, 2024. Studio hours are 11am to 5pm each day.

Artists of the Central Oregon Coast

The studio sites range in location from Neskowin to Newport and then East to Toledo, Oregon. We invite you to experience our rich local arts community which has the distinction of being located along the beautiful Oregon Coast- at the "Edge of the continent". The tour booklet also includes many wonderful local businesses who have supported the participating artists.

Variety of Artistic Mediums

Each year the tour includes a variety of medium: oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, metal sculpture and casting, driftwood furniture, handmade jewelry, fire painting, glass blowing, clay and ceramic art, photography, weaving, mosaic, colored pencil art, reclaimed assemblage art and print making, fabric arts and more.
Want to see them all in one place? 
Drop by the Showcase Exhibit in the Chessman Gallery where all studio tour artists will be featured. 
Click to learn more about the Showcase Exhibit

Individual Artists




Artistic Mediums

Hosted by the Lincoln City
Cultural Center