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This Artists Studio Association/ Beachstone Gallery is a lovely community art space with a history of being a place for art since the 40’s. ASA will be hosting artist demos all weekend long! Stop by to view various artist and mediums in practice and gain a unique perspective of the creative process!

Artists’ Studio Association

We are a community of artists, teachers and lifelong learners, who enjoy creating and sharing art. We are dedicated to bringing arts education and enjoyment to students of all ages, from all walks of life.

The ASA classroom is the heart and soul of our building. During our open studio times the classroom becomes a place where artists can practice, experiment and create. Members meet to coach, critique and encourage one another.

Along the walls of the classroom you will see, Beachstone Gallery where members display their work.

Demonstrating Artists

Vonelle Swanson  —  Glass painting

Steve Rutherford – Pastels/watercolor

Kathy Cope – Painting

Christina Moore – Pastels

Michele Lindsley – Multi Media

JoAnn Balentyne – Mixed media collage

Rosemary Wood-Hemm – Glass mosaic

Kathy Cope painted her first picture at the age of 67, proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks. She is a landscape painter but got sidetracked by acrylic pours and mandala paintings.

Christina V. Moore is a graphic designer and lifelong artist enjoying life on the coast in Lincoln City, Oregon. She dabbles in a variety of mediums such as film photography, painting, drawing, mixed media, and mosaic glass art. Moore will be demoing her landscape/nature chalk pastel skills during the Art on the Edge tour.

Michele Lindsley’s creations are a mixture of mediums that included acrylics, polymer clays, collage and “doodads” on a variety of substrates.

Her experience in travel marketing, coupled with the enriching experience of visiting many great destinations, have opened up her perspectives on art and beauty.

Michele made Depoe Bay her permanent home 2016, having traded in the hot Arizona desert for the lush green woods and thundering coastlines of Oregon.

JoAnn Ballantyne confessed she is a “Mistress of many Art techniques, but a Master of none”!  She works with paint, photography, mosaic, clay and fabric arts.

Her experience began by taking Home Economics in high school, learning to make clothing. We didn’t have extra money; it was a way to add to my wardrobe without Dad getting upset. Encouraged by her mother, she dabbled with watercolors, which would be her “go to” many times. As a mother of 3 daughters, she returned to College, the oldest in her graduating class, and pursued her love of fabric design. The beach had always called to her, so in 2016 she retired, found Lincoln City and has pursued her love of colorful art.

Vonelle Swanson is a locally acclaimed coastal photographer and mixed media artist. Her work is enriched by her worldwide travel. She will be demonstrating glass painting at the Beachstone Gallery/ Studio for this year’s Art on the Edge Studio Tour. 

  • We are a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation. Basic Membership is $30 per year. Membership with Beachstone Gallery display privileges is $50 per year.

Artists’ Studio Association-History and mission

On January 15, 1942, the Lincoln County Art Center Association was founded by Maude Wanker. Maude was a leading artist of the Northwest who lived in Wecoma Beach, which is now in northwest Lincoln City. The Art Center was originally located in a rented building which served as a classroom and gallery. In 1938 the first of several remodels began. A south wing was added in 1949 with donated labor and materials.
At that time there were few galleries on the Coast and the Art Center became an attraction for Oregon artists. In addition, local students displayed work created in classes taught by Maude and the visiting artists. In 1964, after an extensive study of the architecture of California galleries, the west wing and its landmark, sweeping roof was added.

Maude passed away in 1970 and Bob Banister, one of the visiting teachers, continued her work. Eventually in 1974, he rented the gallery from the Art Center, whose name was then changed to The Artists’ Studio Association or ASA. From that time to the present, the west wing has been rented as a gallery or a gift shop with the rent used to maintain the building and subsidize classes.

In 1978 Steve Dennis leased the gallery space, remodeling, adding several windows, improving the lighting and landscaping. When the work was completed Steve opened the Earthworks Gallery. The partnership continued until March 2009 when new tenants, The Pacific Artists Alliance a group of 30 artists, chose to locate in this historic building under the business name of the Artists’ Co-Op Gallery.

The Artists’ Studio Association continues its mission of offering art classes in several mediums including watercolors, block printing, acrylics, drawing and mosaics. Children’s art classes, free open studios and workshops are offered throughout the year. The ASA classroom remains the heart and soul of the building where artwork created by students and instructors is on display.

ART ON THE EDGE Studio Tour of the Central Oregon Coast is an annual self guided tour of the studio spaces of well known, coastal visual artists for a weekend in May.
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