Ben Soeby

The intricate and playful drawings of Lincoln City artist Ben Soeby are inspired from a lifetime spent on the river and in the woods. “Art and fishing saved my life, and the two activities have given me an attachment to the moment, as well as a meaningful perspective on nature and life.” Soeby received a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Oregon State University. He went on to travel to distant lands but, decided to return to his native rivers, much like the salmon that inspire him, to live out his dream of making art and living and learning from nature.

Soeby works mostly with colored pencil and acrylic paint on wood surfaces many of which are from reclaimed board. He is well known for his intricate “Fish Boxes” and his work is widely collected, including a large Fish Box in the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon.

Instagram: @bensoeby

Ben will be hosting a guest artist for this years studio tour, Jill Falk.

“Jill Falk is a highly skilled quantum sorcoress. She channels her power and magick into the physical world as an artist through her paintings and other artifacts. She is also sought out in the greater cosmos for her experience in lucid dreaming, time travel, interdimensional translation, and galactic navigation.”
Instagram: @radicaljill

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