Cynthia Longhat-Adams

Cynthia Longhat-Adams will be sharing a Studio with Catherine Hingson just South of Depoe Bay Oregon.

For Cynthia Longhat-Adams, moving to Oregon at 22 has been a decision she has never regretted. She began to show her artistic talents very young & continues to develop ever since.  Cynthia’s development led her into media of all kinds, from painting, drawing, micro scrimshaw, & woodwork.  Woodworking is one of her greatest pleasures.

The senses are awakened in the textures and smell of painting with fire (pyrography) has significantly allowed me to “find my way” in art. As an artist, I am drawn to all things natural, with wood as my driving force. My art includes scrimshaw, watercolor, pencil, pen & ink, and woodworking on many levels from carving to making furniture, just to name a few. I love detail, thus my works passion is in photorealism. Having spent the past 8 years developing the skills in the techniques of this pyrographic media to finally reach my current level. I believe I have still much more to learn about this media. I share my journey of discovery with you in my work.

It is time-consuming, but the amazing rewards it offers are unmatchable, as I layer up my burn, working with very low heat and a slow process as then lightly enhance with inks and watercolors.

I am a self-learned multi-media artist—first inspired by my mother at the age of 6. She showed me a small painting she had created by chewing the tip of a wooden toothpick, making a brush. The ingenuity leads me into a constant process of learning and experimenting, motivated by the challenges of finding solutions to problems.

My growth as an artist and a human have a simultaneous connection that is all-encompassing to the world around me in its ever-evolving process.

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