Lincoln City Glass Center

Blown Glass

Lincoln City Glass Center (aka Jennifer Sears Studio) is located in the Historic Taft district of Lincoln City. The staff of artists currently working in the studio are from a variety of different backgrounds, producing their own unique artwork along with production items for sale in the studio gallery. The primary focus in the gallery is on glass produced by Kelly Howard, Steve Hagan, Daniel Hogan, Jon Myers, Andrew Schmitz, Jolene Boyce, Jesse Taylor and Eric Taylor. Also featured are pieces by some of the best torch workers and glass jewelry makers in the Pacific Northwest.

Across the street at Volta, the center’s companion gallery, the glass work of Kelly Howard is featured along with a variety of other mediums and artists. The Glass Center has been operating since 2005, having helped more than 50,000 people create glass projects in the studio over the past 14 years.