Maria Esther Sund

Maria Esther Sund was born and raised in El Salvador. She studied art at Simmons College in Boston, MA and La Universidad de Las Americas in Puebla, Mexico.

She has been painting for many years, through her own personal desire to invent something original. Working with collage and mixed media, she is able to incorporate old and new elements while taking  full advantage of the exploratory process in creating a work of art.

Maria Esther enjoys using acrylics, not only for its fast drying capabilities but also for its  ability to be combined with multiple layers of paint, glaze, and other media for a unique look. Through building up the layers, she is allowed her to excavate certain areas of the surface, revealing and uncovering the hidden beauty that lies beneath.

Her work tells a story, conveying personal journeys about love, happiness, loss, and an array of life experiences. The essence of an idea or concept is rarely concrete, so as to leave the door open for personal reinterpretation.

For Maria Esther, being able to explore and have fun through the process of creating an art piece is more important than the finished result.


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