Newport Visual Arts Center

Clay, Printmaking, Paper Art, Watercolor, Gouache, Oil & Photography

The eight artists participating in Art on the Edge at the Newport Visual Art Center have diverse styles but are similarly inspired by nature and find creating is therapy.

Liz Fox hand-builds her whimsical sculptural and functional ceramics.

Phishybee Studios beautiful carvings inspired by nature and prints them on hand torn paper.

Moe Snyder is an accomplished book, box, and drawing artist from Seal Rock, Oregon.

Jake Carlsen is a skilled photographer who specializes in landscapes and botanicals.

Christina Carlsen is a gifted watercolorist who focuses on marine life and landscapes.

Robin Lynn Berry is drawn outside by nature, light and weather for most of her painting. She looks for elements that she can put into arrangements with painterly marks (that appear) free from fussiness with hopes a viewer might feel an enjoyable connection.

Emy Syrop creates plein air seascapes and wildlife art in gouache, oil and drawing mediums.

Victoria Biedron expresses her passion for art in many forms and media, plein air and in the studio making gel prints, acrylic and oil paintings.

They will be demonstrating different aspects of their creative techniques at the Newport Visual Arts Center, where a community clay education center has been recently reestablished.