Richard Laycock

Richard Laycock takes us on a personal journey in pastel and pencil from his boyhood home of Yorkshire, through his time on a family farm near Eugene, to his present day here on the coast. In capturing the reality of earth, sky and water in a picture, he invites the viewer to walk down that country lane, to hear the crashing waves, to find shade under the tree.

Richard holds a National Diploma in Design from Huddersfield College of Art in England He was the Art Director at Leo Burnett Advertising in London and the Creative Director with Copping & Laycock Creative Consultants in London. He then moved to the US and was the Creative Director with Applause Group, Los Angeles, CA and then went on to build his own story board company in Venice, CA., Storyboards, Inc., which became the largest on the West Coast, representing 50 extremely talented artists. He illustrated the Territorial Seed Catalog Covers for over 12 years and is a member of the Oregon Society of Artists, Northwest Pastel Society and the Artists’ Studio Association, Lincoln City.

Richard was drawn, pun intended, to pencil since his art school days loving the way pencil reduces the subject to shape and light which color often masks. He enjoyed the challenge of pencil for some time, whilst owning Storyboards Inc. Then, after selling his company he wanted to explore the challenge of pastels, and to revel in a whole new world of color. 

“There are endless vignettes to capture in the ever-changing conditions of western Oregon, which are strikingly similar to the Yorkshire countryside of my English youth It is beautiful farmland and forest, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Range. I love my adopted home and hope you can see that in the way I express it on paper.” Says Richard.

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