Bill Hunt

Fabricated Metal Sculpture, Bronze & Live Edge Furniture

With a background in Marine Biology, Bill Hunt started a sculpture career in 1979. His sculptures strive to combine scientific accuracy & detail with elegant & graceful presentation.  Since moving to Oregon in 2008, Bill has been building free form furniture from driftwood, abundant on the coast.

I bring a lifetime of experience in natural history and marine biology to my sculpture.  Born in Bremerton, WA;  raised on the Mojave Desert; I have a background in Marine Biology with degrees in Fisheries Management from Humboldt State University, and over 7 years of fisheries research before starting my career as a sculptor in 1979.  Initially, I was attracted to a career in marine biology, because of the aesthetics, the grace and beauty of marine wildlife. I have been sculpting marine and other wildlife full time for over 37 years now.  Today, I strive to sculpt my subjects in a way that combines scientific accuracy and detail with an elegant and graceful presentation.  Since moving to Oregon in 2008, I have also been involved in building free form furniture out of the driftwood, so abundant here on the coast.