Lynne Wintermute

Oil & Cold Wax

Lynne lives and works in Neskowin on the beautiful Oregon coast. She has studied under many prominent Northwest Artists and she also teaches in 8 galleries and studios in Oregon as well as private lessons from her studio.

Oil and cold wax medium is an ancient method of painting, brought to life in color rich abstract and abstracted landscape paintings by three friends who have worked and studied together for years. Each artist has their own glorious style of working with this magical medium. Oil and cold wax allow the artist to create deep texture and pull in light and move it through each painting. These three artists join together to present their work in Winterdragons Studio in Neskowin for this Studio Tour and they are also represented by many galleries in Oregon and California.

During the Art on the Edge Studio Tour, this studio will have live music, novel readings, wine tasting, food and weather permitting, cornhole games and plain air painting on the lawn. Events will happen every day from 2 to 4, except pastries and coffee that will be served in the morning!

For details people can go to Lynne’s website under “special events”